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The Dirty South gig

Beautiful photos by Silentalibi.

"Brilliant gig" said Kutschi "band was on form and the crowd was mental".

pat_fish86 wrote instead: "The performance could've been worse but the set was pure shit". Pat didn't like the new songs.

And Decembers didn't like the crowd:
"I'm truly disappointed by some of Babyshambles' "fans" though" he wrote "I could hear that Sunderland girl shouting "I LOVE PETE, HE GAVE ME HIS BOTTLE! HE SPOKE TO ME!!! AAHHHH!!! THERE'S ADAM!!!!!" (it was drew) from the bus stop. They were running around barefoot from door to door looking through the windows to see who they could hassle next. i felt rather sorry for the guys...I would have stayed in there all night if I saw that outside!
But then i was stupid to think it would be another Halo gig, y'know, where I could stand somewhere other than the stage without getting elbowed in the face

Rutherina has the setlist:
"Was v. good tonight. Crowd were a bit unfortunate in patches but nevertheless lively and good humoured. Boys on good form and I reckon the new stuff sounded better tonight than it did at proud or halo.

They played:
Forever blowing bubbles
Back from the dead
Barbarians/Natives at the gates of thingy
There she goes - featuring some of the lyrics from Love Cats
Beg steal
Happy Birthday
I Wish
Then shambles went off and we had the skuzzies for a bit. Then they came back and we had:
Georgia on my mind
The 'I'll take the former' one... don't know what it's called. I've got all muddled with the new ones and their titles.
She loves you
Fuck forever
Oh and reviewed the gig too.


Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry for the stupid question but where do you read all these fan reviews?

So happy to have found your blog :) it's great for us libertines/babyshambles/pete/ fans!

Anonymous said...

Oh never mind, I think I know :)

maria said...

I for one found the "sunderland girl" and her friends very pleasant and first of all only one of them was bare foot because her shoes came off in the crowd and she couldnt find them at the end. secondly she did know it was Drew and didnt shout "theres Adam" because she knows what Adam looks like so dont lie.
and thirdly theres nothing wrong with being excited about meeting babyshambles so get a life and stop being so moody and boring.

Pure Aesthetic said...

nope, the Sunderland girls were some of the most unpleasant people i've had the misfortune to meet in a long time, they were just rude and immature and very very iratating. Anyway apart from that a very good night, not the best set list but they played so well and a generally very good crowd.