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Peter duetting with Anto

Peter was in Paris yesterday, and he popped up at the show of Italian singer Anto Dust at the Motel, duetting with her for a couple of songs, including Can't Stand Me Now and She Loves You.
(thanks to Anjali for the info and the pic).


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah heard about it, my friend met him in a bar...would have been nice to be there!

Anjali said...

Memory is slowly starting to come back together ;) and i think they also sang Don't Look Back Into The Sun.

Anjali said...

At some point a group of people who were there to celebrate one of them's birthday started singing "Happy Birthday" and Peter did a little rock'n'roll version of it on his electric guitar. He was in a generally good mood and was in the best form i've seen him in almost forever :)