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Now YOU vote!

Normally I don't do these things, I know these charts are generally useless and after all it's only a matter of taste, but I'm totally fucked with the idiot comments I've read yesterday in the press about the NME "Best album of the decade" chart. You know, the "Up the Bracket of the Libertines, former band of the junkie rocker Pete Doherty...", the "Pete Doherty has 3 best albums of the decade!" (excuse me???), the "Arthritic Monkeys are the best band ever, not those drugged losers!" (yeah I read that too).

So please guys, get voting.

Here for Up The Bracket
Here for The Libertines

Vote for the junkies, for the losers, for the tossers! Whatever. But vote!


Anonymous said...

Idiots, they don't know better. It's awful how much people love to judge others without even knowing anything about them! I stopped reading such posts because I am going to get mad, especially those on youtube videos...Tried to reply to many of these but I kind of feel that it's their loss...

Sjanu said...

I will vote and vote and vote

L. said...

hi there

do you know where pete is the 27th and 28th of november?=)