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Carl comments the NME chart

Lack of sleep??? Mmmmm...

Thanks a lot to Carmine for the (witty) transcription!

NME 'The Libertines emerged at the start of the decade - hazy days?'
CBeebies (haha): 'I just remember the excitement of the routine of recording 'Up the Bracket.' Fallinmg asleep recording 'Radio America' - banging my head on the microphone because i was that battered. Mick [Jones, producer] stopping the sessions to watch Eastenders and us all sitting around the dinner table every night.'
NME 'Then it all got a bit more intense...'
Crazy Bat: 'Later all our lives changed and everyone got a bit wilder, in a bad way. The second album was a blur. It was an intense time, all sorts of emotions going round I didn't understand at the time - now i can look back and maybe think that it might just have been due to lack of sleep, some of the...Spinal Tappings.'
NME 'What Do you remember from that time?'
Carlos Whisper: 'Having a bodyguard each was a bit weird. When we first went in on the first day we almost had a massive ruck. We managed to break away from our guardians and flew at each other.'
NME: 'What do you think of the album now?'
Chewable Bottom: 'I didn't feel this at the time, but... you write lyrics and you only realise what you're writing about afterwards. If we'd set out to write honestly what was going on at the time I don't think it would have had the same effect. It's like the Velvet's album, some people say they heard it and then started a band - I couldn't ask for anything more.'
The printed interview is traceable in the new issue of the New Musical Express, out today.


Sjanu said...

Yesss, so all the Libs problems were due to lack of sleep! Really Carlos!? really???
Lets hope everyone has had a good sleep now and then you know waht to do.

Sonyana said...

What's a Spinal Tapping?

Elodie said...

A blur ?!!! Would you have lost sense of reality, Carl ? I'm sure that a lot of bands would do anything to have such a blur in their discography... I understand that he and Peter put so much of themselves in this album (perhaps more than they wanted to ?), that when he looks back now, he may feel confused. But they did it with so much talent that he just can be proud of it. I will never get tired of listening it (not everyday, though ;)), for its creativity from the start to the last note, and cause its content is a kind of UFO in music. To me, what they did had not been done before, and was not premeditated : this album is them, at this moment. So, thanks for this beautiful blur, and having had the courage to share it with us.

to EZ : congratulations for your blog, I found it out several months ago and I love it !