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The Halo gig

photo by Silentalibi

Babyshambles in full (plus exes) for The Halo gig last night, though it was initially credited to Peter only. According to many people the show was much better than Thursday night's, and the crowd was better too.

Word to Mrs Cravat (FDW): "Not sure where to start with this really. The night got off to a slightly ropey start with he who must not be named opening the gig with some poetry. He also filmed the entire gig on his laptop. I think lipstick melodies were next who can be a bit hit and miss sometimes but I really enjoyed their set last night. Scuzzies were next and peter joined them for a couple of songs. Then the general and aoc who were joined by members of both the other support bands and peter popped on stage again for a couple of songs. Again really enjoyed that. Finally shambles were on spectacular form joined by pat for pipedown and blackboy lane and a'rebours. Mik then joined them and played I wish, stone me what a life (always a surreal experience for me since it inspired my username ), delivery, back from the dead, beg steal or borrow, pipey mcgraw, bollywood to battersea, albion, dlbits and a good few new ones with perhaps a cover or two. The entire band was on amazing form from start to finish. Peter was in a very mischievious mood. One of the bouncers was clearly not impressed and peter pretended to collape so he rushed over and as he did peter strummed the guitar. He was also extremely reluctant to leave the stage when they tried to impose the curfew and I the bouncer seemed a bit intimidated by the resounding rendition of albion from the crowd when he got hold of an acoustic at the end. I was absolutely blown away by this gig. I love woodberry gigs anyway and it was like a giant woodberry gig. It reminded me why I love this band so much and what better than to share all this with some of the best mates anyone could have who loved it just as much as I did. Now for the bad news. Phone battery let me down again but I might just break my own rule and upload incomplete snippets so that you can see how truly immense this night really was. So worth 20 quid the debate over the admission was almost laughable".

The beautiful photo above comes from this gallery. Other pictures and a brief review can be found here.


Pipedown (with Pat)
Black boy lane (with Pat)
Arebours (with Pat)
I wish
Stone me
Stranger in my own skin
Back from the dead
BNP blues
Monkey casino
New song
Beg, steal or borrow
New song
Billie jean
Bollywood to Battersea
Dont look back ito the sun
Im forever blowing bubbles


Anonymous said...

Had no idea about this :( how did people know he was playing at the halo??

EZ said...

:D With a little attention:

Anonymous said...

åh how could I've forgotten, I saw time :)

Rory said...

I wish I had, had the money to go! How different does Pat look by the way, put on wee bit of weight! He is looking very healthy though. Cant say the same for Mik though....

Cant to be able to catch them live again! There new songs are sounding awsome!