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Babyshambles thrill Cricklade fans

Photo by Marcus Bond

Report of last night's gig from Swindon Advertiser:
FANS of Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty packed Cricklade’s Vale Hotel Inn for a glimpse of their hero as he made his way onto the stage.
The modest venue was packed to its 110 capacity with excited punters who travelled from all over the country, queued for hours and stumped up the £15 entrance fee for the gig, which was not announced until Monday evening.
Two support acts, Napoleon in Rags and 15-year-old Theo Altieri, warmed the crowd up to near hysteria. And the main attraction took to the stage at shortly before 11pm sporting his trademark trilby, complete with cigarettes in the hatband – yelling “Hello Cricklade!”
Fan Ben Brown, 21, a business studies student from West Swindon said: “I would have travelled any distance to see Pete and I’m ready for an epic night.”
And Zoe Mead, 21, a local musician from Grange Park, Swindon said: “This is a huge encouragement for local musicians. I can’t believe they’re here.”
Pub owner, Mike Ingle said: “It’s a great thing for the local community in Cricklade and for the music scene.”

Shalco (FDW) said: "Fantastic gig. Great new songs. Played for about an hour and a half, in excellent form".
Shalco also took a bunch of excellent pictures (here).

And Adam twittered: "just got back from cricklade, very messy and far too much sweat. next stop - knackered".

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