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Last days recap

Been easyjetting again, so I think I need a quick recap of the last things:
1. The Ashton-under-Lyme gig. Totally ignored by the Lancashire press, Peter's last gig at the Underground Live (sans Babyshambles) was mildly appreciated by the buffs. The only review comes from the old, particularly a guy who calls himself "skagskagskag". Read on:
"was actualluy a really great gig.
turned up early on time and was totally with it.
played for the best part of two hours, me and my mates put together a setlist of what we can remember, no particluar order:
cant stand me now
man who would be king
tell the king
death on the stairs
last of the english roses
fuck forever
beg steal borrow
dont look back into the sun
time for heroes
what a waster
ha ha wall
hooligans on e
for lovers
gang of gin!!!!!!!
whole world is our playground
music when the lights go out
and a shit load of covers:
someday - strokes
half the world away - oasis
ask - smiths
only fools and horses theme tune
mr postman
i wanna be adored - stone roses
waterfall stone roses
another girl another planet
sure ive missed a few but he was great. grabbed a spliff from someone in the crowd aswell which was quite funny.
was also a incident where he punched some kid for trying to steal his hat, the guy was being a twat though. some kid from the first band on, The Fayre, came and played drums on the last few songs also. he was insanely good, absolutely nailed fuck forever. pete was buzzin of him. his own band were pretty ace aswell when they played earlier on. didnt rate the other two".

2. Saturday night. Peter kindly turned up at the tribute for Dale Massey (the unforgettable ProperBo of FDW who died a few months ago) scheduled at 126 on Saturday night. Unfortunately, and certainly not by his fault, his semi-announced presence attracted a lot of people who had never known Dale and clearly didn't care for him, but went there only to see Peter (who in any case didn't perform). That's fame innit.

3. Adam was dj-ing in Italy last week, namely in Arezzo (Tuscany). He easyjetted back too on Saturday (not in my same plane).

4. I don't know if I should talk about Carl Barat's latest bizarre activities. This is a blog strictly related to music so stage acting is not contemplated. oooooo. Jokes aside, since I know many people also care for him in general, I'll try to give some shallow updates:
Carl has apparently suspended work on his solo album to dedicate himself to acting. He's got two things going on at the moment: one is a movie directed by his pal Jon McClure, taken from the latter's recent book, a "big rant" entitled "Lies". "It'll have Howard Marks in it" said McClure "a wrestler, some other friends. Carl Barat has said he wants to be in it. I'm beating them off now, I tell you. Brad Pitt will be next..." (for Jon's complete interview, featuring other Carlos-related rants) go here.
Carl has also been working with actress and producer (and professional ligger) Sadie Frost on a mysterious play which probably will premiere in some West End theatre early next year. The only thing I know is that last week a poster has been shot for the play by the legendary snapper Roger Sargent. So, good luck to Barat for this new adventure, with the hope he will get back to rock'n'roll as soon as he can.


The Heretics said...

Where does Carl's money come from? He's been doing nothing for ages and now he's started acting in films that nobody wants to see.

Tessa said...

DJing. DJing, DJing, DJing.