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A crush on Peter

From This is local London:

Pete Doherty causes crush at Kingston's McClusky's
9:20am Saturday 21st November 2009

By Louise Robertson

Pete Doherty reminded fans of his rock star credentials by lighting a cigarette on stage at McClusky’s on Thursday night.
The troubled star created a storm when he rocked up to the Kingston club with Babyshambles, after a previous gig there was cancelled through illness.
Fans reported being crushed against the stage barrier as clubbers went wild for the act. One girl was spotted shouting she could not breathe and begging security to help.
Despite the pushing and shoving, and someone trying to throw a shoe on to the stage, the mood was positive and Pete took time to shake hands with those dedicated enough to push their way to the front.
At one point he tried to light a cigarette with a fan’s mobile phone, before realising it was not a lighter.
Queues to the gig snaked around TK Maxx, as there were only 100 tickets available on the door for the night, organised by New Slang.
Superfans Francesca Galluzzo, both 24, got there at 6pm to secure their place at the front of the queue, despite Babyshambles being scheduled for a 10.30pm start.
Miss Galluzzo said: “I can’t explain how excited we are. It’s not even a situation where we’re fans, it’s beyond that. I’ve lost count of how many gigs we’ve been to.”
Richmond teenager Sam Fryer also got there early and said he was “freaked out” when he heard his hero was playing so close to his home.
The 19-year-old said: “I just love the romance of it all. At first it was all about the Libertines before the Pete and Carl Barat bust up. I just love the poetry of it all and how they so loved each other but hated each other at the same time.
“When I was younger I was
literally addicted, I just could not stop listening to them.”

Francesca, if you're there speak up! We want to hear from you!


Tessa said...

Bless that Sam Fryer lad.

Shrew said...

i went to the gig and wrote a review of my own on my blog - check it out!

Anthony said...

I just took on a french radio a new experimental composition of Peter Doherty; called Ice Cream Fantasy. You can download it on my blog (