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XFM meets Peter

Pete popped in to see Xfm’s Steve Harris before the release of his debut album ‘Grace/Wastelands’. Among the subjects discussed were Johnny Borrell, Stephen Street and getting stitched up.
Peter Doherty came in for a chat at Xfm. It was days before the release of his first album ‘Grace/Wastelands’ and the notorious hell-raiser was in spectacular form. Steve Harris was serenaded with bizarre tunes, treated to a frank conversation about his album and witnessed a few sideswipes at Johnny Borrell and Coldplay.
Among the subjects discussed by the lucid frontman was the production of his debut album, how he’d been conned into making the MTV ‘documentary’ and how EMI refused to let him “die on a khazi”.
You can listen to the spectacular interview again right here.

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Sonyana said...

Getting better at radio interviews! Less dead air.