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Scattered news

What you see above is the cover of the new NME. Of course there's a huge coverage of the Awards. But also:

  • a rave review of Peter's Glasgow gig entitled Reborn in Albion (the show is described as "his best live performance in years")
  • a poor review of the Mongrel's album (4/10). Sorry Drew, you'd better concentrate on Helsinki at the moment.
Peter was spotted (and blogged) while buying books in Paris yesterday.

Then he recorded a TV showcase for L'album de la semaine on Canal Plus (to be aired next week). Anjali was there and tells us: "cela dit, je reviens de l'Album de la Semaine et c'était très sympa je pensais qu'il ferait que les chansons de G/W, mais il a trouvé le temps de mettre What a Waster, Grimaldi, Fuck Forver, et d'autres anciennes". Translation: "He was very nice, I thought he'd only played songs from G/W but actually he found some time to do also What a waster, Grimaldi, Fuck Forever and other oldies".

Peter also went to the radio show Le Fou du Roi on France Inter (see video). "He just played LOTER" says Kmil "At the end, they all talked about how great he was dressed. And one of the guest said there was a huge gap between the agitated character created by the media and the person they had just seen".

Also in the news: Peter will play V Festival.

And G/W has been reviewed by Hotpress (only for subscribers, the rating is 4/5) and Virgin Music (no rating, but it's positive).

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Sonyana said...

Wow, that Virgin reviewer is /really/ a fan.