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The Buzz

At the Brighton Dome

People complain of being "heavy handed" at Peter's Southampton gig of last week (from

High appraisal for Peter's last night gig at the Brighton Dome. "Just back from the Brighton Dome, where Peter and crew played a scorcher" said pk! "I've not seem him as many times as others here, but I've seen enough to get an impression, and tonight he was on top form. Not so much banter as the smaller gigs but only to be expected. Stephen Street is now my hero, he looked so damn cool all evening. I've never been a critic of Mik, but even I was pleasantly surprised: he was very very good tonight, did his wonderful solo I Wish. He seems to be settling well into the Ronnie Wood niche in the band. Peter looked so clean he might have been scrubbed (with Bilo Pads), like a teenager told to look smart for Granma. Bless him. Gig ended promptly at 11.00 (unless I missed an encore - but I don't think so - it's all over when the AC-30's are switched off?). Beautiful evening. Thanks to all involved".

Setlist by Carmine:
1. Music When the lights go out 2. Arcady 3 Last of the English Roses 4 1939 Returning 5 A Little Death Around The Eyes 6. Salome 7. Through the Looking Glass 8 Palace of Bone 9 'Peter Solo Section' (actually THE MOST BEAUTIFUL Unstookietitled, Mik doing I Wish and Fuck Forever) 10 I Am the Rain 11 Sheepskin Tearaway with Dot 12. Lady Don't Fall Backwards (about 10 people knew it - meh!) 13. Sweet By and By Drew (Drew played double bass) 14 New Love Grows on Trees - For my mate No Judy Garland - '35.' 15 Broken Love Song 16. Albion - Pete tantalised me by playing the first few chords of 'Waterloo' and believe me I DID holler - but he then told us about an interview with a stupid journo and then went into Albion. 17. Encore - only there wasn't one because there was no time left.
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Video (Fuck Forever acoustic) by 19westy92.

Tonight it's Folkestone's turn. Stay tuned.

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