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So many things I don't know where to start

Photo by Anjali

Ok. So:
Peter concluded his Parisian sojourn last night with a private show which saw the participation of the full Babyshambles line up.
"They played at the Neoclub" says Oli "a small night club near the Champs Elysées. Almost accurate order: baddie's, there she goes (a littl h), fuck forever, unstookie, I wish, Killamangiro, Beg steal borrow, Back from the dead, Sedative, Pipedown, Side of the road, and in the middle a bit of Alone Again Or and two songs i didn't recognize (probably two covers). One hour of a pretty shambolic set, the kind which ends with destroyed mics, crowd surfing, and now there's a big hole in neoclub's ceiling. But no real violence nor aggressivity. Peter was really smily, but just terribly exhausted at the very end of the gig. Impressive drumming, and Drew did really the job too. Peter's guitar was less subtle than the previous nights... it was like playtime after the acoustic sets! Surprisingly the crowd was rather good (well, acceptable) - most of people around me were actually there for the music, and many people left the place right after the gig".

"This was an absolute blinder of a set" says the omnipresent Anjali "Great setlist, great chemistry in the band, no cunts in the audience (only the most hardcore french fans and the fashion week crowd), everyone was in good spirits... Peter made a point of destroying pretty much everything around him, micstands, drumkit (while Adam was playing), amps, lightbulbs on the ceiling... he almost hurt himself at one point, kicking his own nose with a guitar the club was a very low-ceilinged cave-like affair but he still managed to crowd-surf and climb onto sofas and speakers at the side of the stage. all in all an extremely enjoyable performance, great closer to the Parisian Shambles week".

More stuff at RockerParis.

Peter is interviewed by free mag Shortlist.
Peter is also interviewed by The Sun for the Something For The Weekend section. The interview is out tomorrow but the rag is giving some hints today.
The man should be back to Blighty today where he's supposed to celebrate his 24th birthday. Oh I wish a huge happy birthday to Coxie too, who's turning 40 (and this is for real).
Tomorrow Peter is kicking off his UK tour. Stay tuned for more and more stuff!


oli said...

the title from the Love song is really "Alone Again Or" :-)

govi said...


Can anyone tell me what "Bilo" means?


Sonyana said...

Much better to wreck some amps than yourself!

Happy Birthday to both of them <3

free-pete said...

hey! I'm the creator of the most popular french blog about Peter Doherty.
I see that you have posted two of my videos (bollywood to battersea and you're my waterloo)
If you want I was at the Neo club yesterday and I have made beautiful photos. You can find the link to see them on my blog
(page 52)

Anjali said...

"the omnipresent Anjali"