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Let's put a bit of order

Shall we do the Bismarck joke again?

Peter played Norwich last night. "Pete was on from 9-11 30 and was more than happy to play whatever requests were shouted" says Ricky Foley "After DLBITTS the order gets blurred....New One "I haven't finished that one yet"/ Can't Stand Me Now - Palace Of Bone -Merry Go Round - Unbilotitled - A Fool There Was - Lost Art Of Murder - Breck Road Lover - Killamangiro - Don't Look Back Into The Sun - East Of Eden - Love Reign O'er Me - Ballad Of Grimaldi (instrumental) - Tell The King (intro only) - What Katie Did - Gang Of Gin - Arcadie (with Chris Rotter, I think that was he's surname) - Sheepskin Terraway (with Dot Alison) - Death On The Stairs - Salome - Beg, Steal or Borrow - Fuck Forever/The Blinding/Fuck Forever - Time For Heroes - Albion (dedicated to Johnny Rythmn who died last night RIP) - I Wish - What A Waster - Music When The Lights Go Out - Up The Bracket. He played a few that seemed to be covers requested as well and or perhaps new ones I haven't heard., I remember some ska number and a funky one with a lyric "I don't know what the future may be/bring". It was a good performance with Pete having a lot of banter with the crowd and as I say willing yo play songs when shouted to him in the usual way. There seemed to be times when people didn't know the song he was playing and would just talk which was frustrating. I think at one point he said "well if your bored the door is over so piss off". I sooooooo glad to hear Breck Road Lover as that's my favourite and was good to hear Merry Go Round and A Fool There Was, which took me by surprise. He started off playing and singing brilliantly, however the more alcohol he drunk and the long he play the shitter he's playing got and he forgot lines. Ironically I think he played best on the songs fewer people knew and when it came to the likes of What A Waster, Up The Bracket and Albion he played some shockingly bad guitar lines but people didn't seem to care as long as it was one of the old hits they could sing along to".

There's an appearance on Jonathan Ross scheduled at the end of the month. From
"Pete Doherty will finish his current solo tour by playing London's Troxy on March 29. It is currently unclear whether Doherty will be joined for the gig by his solo band, who include Graham Coxon, members of Babyshambles, producer Stephen Street and a string section.In other Doherty news, the former Libertine has confirmed he will appear on BBC1's 'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross' on March 27. It is the third time Doherty has appeared on the show, although this time he will primarily appear as a performer rather than an interviewee. Doherty is midway through a UK solo tour".

Last night Zane Lowe aired an interview with Peter where he talks Libertines reunion (see photo above). The interview was done before the NME awards shenanigans so it's a bit old (you can dowload it here), but according to Peter John Hassall is "up for it" and Gary Powell "will do as he's told". Carl is still pictured as the naysayer. So much comedy in all this. Who wants to bet the famous 1 million pound (or was it 2?) is already inside their pockets?

Speaking of which, Peter has left his Marlborough cottage and moved to a farmhouse in Chiseldon, near Swindon, Wilts.


Sonyana said...

Re Reunion: If the Stone Roses can do it, the Libertines can do it.

Holy fuck!

govi said...
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govi said...

Still want to know what "Bilo" means.............

Tessa said...

What's your source for the part about Peter moving?

How did he manage to find the time to move between touring and promoting the new album?! (If it's true, I'm impressed)

Sonyana said...

Ah, nevermind.