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Peter in Leeds

Photos by Wenn

Setlist by oldgrayfan: delaney - mwtlgo - arcady - LOTER - Killimangiro - 1939 returning - Palace of Bone - Broken Love song - Sweet by and by - New love grows on trees - Salome - Lady dont fall backwards - tell the king - time for heroes - Through the looking glass - Fuck Forever - Beg, Steal or Borrow - A Little Death - I am the Rain

"Most excellent gig!" says Mrs Jones "I especially loved the songs that were played with the full 'combo'. LOTER and Broken Love Song sounded massive. I hope there'll be more like this in the future, not just this tour".

"Brilliant night" says Charred Heart "So good to have Peter back in the land of the living. Life is much better with him present - hope he feels the same way. Songs sounded immense. Peter sang beautifully. My personal fav was Tell the King. loved I am the rain and sweet by and by, salome etc etc. Amazing to see Coxon and Street in the band. Drew & double bass...".

Warning: tonight's gig (Grimsby) has been postponed. Peter is recording Jonathan Ross, fellas!

In the meantime, the very honorable Washington Post reviews G/W.

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