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Peter at The Troxy

Peter and Stephen "Sitting Bull" Street
Seems it was a smashing night. Report by Kmil:
"I had on the whole a good night. I tried not to focus on very annoying people. But it was hard sometimes. There were a couple of people behind me who were having very loud conversations during the songs. at one point i was so fed up with it that I turned round and said very angrily "this is a concert! If you want to talk like this just go away", which they finally did. But they ruined Salome for me, I was gutted... I also thought the crowd was a bit passive, and was disrespectful of Dot Allison's set. But apart from that, it was great. Nice long set. Adam was on top form, Drew was smiling all the time, Mick played at the end, we sang Happy Birthday to Stephen Street who was dressed as an Indian chief, and as I was standing I could admire Graham Coxon's skills. No dancers this time. There were acoustic moments, others with the whole band (strings and everything) or just BS with Graham or Mick at the end. They played the album, Through the Looking Glass , at the beginning Music when the Lights go out (just Peter), Unstookietitled with Mick, Albion, Time for heroes, Pipe down.I hope other people will have a better memory. Because it really was a long set. I went to 126 after, with very nice tourists from Switzerland. Joe Robinson, Lee Mavers and the keyboardist were there, that's it. It was fun, but from the start, I don't know why, I felt the rest of the band wouldn't come.x"

Photos by Getty Images.

Report by the NME.

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