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Peter on French radio tonight

Chubby Bilo hanging in Paris

Ce jeudi 5 mars entre 21h00 et 00h00, MIKL et l’équipe de l’Emission Sans Interdit recevront l'enfant terrible du rock, Pete Doherty dans le studio live d’NRJ. A quelques jours de ses concerts du Bataclan, Pete offrira aux auditeurs de NRJ une version acoustique de son 1er single, Last of English Roses. L’ex-chanteur des Babyshambles répondra ensuite aux questions de MIKL sur Grace/Wastelands, son premier album solo (sortie le 16/03). L'interview, les photos et vidéos de cette rencontre seront disponibles sur

Ahem: "Thursday 5 march from 9 pm to 12 pm (CET) MIKL and the staff of "Emission Sans Interdit" will host the bad boy of rock (eyeroll) Pete Doherty in the live studio of NRJ radio. Babyshambles' ex vocalist (did I miss something???) will answer MIKL's questions on G/W, his first solo album (out on 16/3). The interview, plus photos and videos, will be available at".


Tessa said...

He'll also be on NME Radio tomorrow at noon, or so says the NME Radio Twitter.

6eggs5soldiers said...

You forgot this part :
A few days before his gigs at the bataclan, Pete(r) will perform an acoustic version of his first single, LOTER.

govi said...

Great blog!

Can you tell me what "bilo" means?

My fave song at the moment is "Tomblands"
What's yours?