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The Observer interview

The Observer came out today with an interview with Peter (made in Paris) entitled "A rake's progress" by Craig McLean: "In an emotional interview, Peter Doherty - as he now calls himself - comes clean about his estrangement from his father, his fall out with Kate Moss and why, at last, it's great to be straight".

Not the best Peter if you ask me. Not the Peter I use to love, not at all. But somebody might appreciate it. So, enjoy.


ItMustBeKate said...

I'm curious as to why it's not the Peter you used to love?

Nothing aggressive meant there, I would just like to know. :)

I'm undecided. He's writing decent music now and there looks to be something more in the future, I suppose that's what counts.

EZ said...

I was referring specifically to the interview. I would be happy to hear him talking about the music he's making and the things he'll do in the future, yet all we seem to get at the moment is his whining about his relationship with his dad or (even worse) some horrible hag he used to shag years ago.

Sonyana said...

Great photo, though!