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Don't forget to fight RACISM

There's a nice little message from Babybear on FDW today:
Hello folks, a couple of small but significant things to let you guys know about. We have just cemented a new deal with Teenage Cancer Trust today. This means that everyone who comes to our gigs pays.Now I know that sounds normal but what I mean is ..... everyone. From now on guest list places are no longer free for bigger shows and money goes straight to Teenage Cancer Trust collected by The Cato Trust in the memory of our friend Dan Squires who sadly passed away last year. Also, I'd like you to be nice if you see someone outside the flyering for TCT / Cato and if they have a bucket .... well time to get rid of that loose change that's been bothering you.Next up .... we are working as closely as we can with Love Music Hate Racism and they'll have activists and stalls at as many events we are involved with as we can. As most of you know we've supported this organisation for some time and Drew is highly active in the organisation. We do try and do as much as we can for this organisation so I hope it filters down and you guys get active too. We may be preaching to the converted to a certain extent here as most of you guys seem to abhor racism as much as the band and management but these guys will be able to keep you updated with the latest news in the fight against racism / fascism. So make sure you stop by and say hello to them and hear what they have to say in the millisecond it takes before a bouncer moves you on for blocking the stairs etc ....
Speaking of which, LMHR has announced the venue for the 2009 Carnival:
"We are delighted to announce that LMHR's national 2009 Carnival will take in Stoke-on-Trent's Britannia Stadium, on Saturday 30th May. The 30,000-capacity event, organised in partnership with Premier League football club Stoke City and Stoke City Council, will be officially launched at the stadium on Saturday 21st March before the club's match with Middlesbrough - with tickets going on sale the same day. The LMHR Carnival 2009 website, with more details of the event including this year's exciting line-up, local transport information and much more goes live in the next two weeks - watch this space for more news".
Of course we'll be waiting anxiously for the exciting line-up!
Today The Independent gives away Mongrel's album and has an interesting article about this band. I was a bit puzzled after reading the NME review (4/10) but, as a funky music addict, I think I can say that I like it. I know, it's not original. I know, it's all already said and done. So? When talking about grooves does it really matter? No, of course. Up the Mongrel.

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