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Press corner

Peter is on the cover of French mag "Les inrockuptibles". Inside, a long interview (in French of course). Charva Chapter has just started tranlasting it...

"It's mostly about music" Charva says "how he discovered it, his childhood, his relationships with his friends, litterature, a bit about drugs, gigs, paris...everything really".

Q: You'll be 30 in a few days, does it scare you? you said a couple years ago that you didnt like future.
Peter: It scares me a bit, yes... since a couple of weeks, my friends are joking about this, so there must be something funny. 30 is old, isnt it?
Q: What did you feel the need to make a solo album ?
Peter: I had too many songs waiting, songs that worked perfectly without band. The atmosphere is more relaxed, more slow, less agressive. Leaving them behind would have been waste. It was time to work them.
Q: You worked again woth Stephen Street, and for the first time with Graham Coxon, the Blur guitarist. What did they bring to your music?
Peter: Street is a professional in his way to work with things. He's someone I can trust. He had worked a lot with Graham Coxon, for Blur. I remember the first time I heard this band. Someone at school had lend me a cassette, and there were the songs Bank Holiday and Chemical World. Graham Coxon was like a hero. And then we met, we got along, he's a pretty shy man. He's really quiet, reserved, a bit like me. He was born March 12th.
Q: There is not a year where we dont hear about your new projects. You're always composing, playing. What do you like when you're on stage ?
Peter : The kids' faces (laughs).. and the money. But I dont really feel comfortable on the stage. It's not a part of pleasure, because I'm shy, paranoid and stressed. Most of the time, I have this terrible feeling like if, like that, I was trapped. Trapped by things that I should have done and that I didnt do. Repeating, for example. I hate these moments when I'm stuck backstage knowing that I cant leave because I have to play. Most of the time I dont WANT to go on stage, I HAVE to.
Q: Is it with music that you had the impression to have a space for the first time ?
Peter: No, that's probably when I went to school. I used to watch my sister, who is a year older than me, going to kindergarden, and I really wanted to go with her. I felt left out. I remember that for my first day at school, I ate rice crispies at breakfast. It was snowing, it was in Germany. It was the first time that I had the impression to be part of something. I really liked school at the begining. Mostly for drawings. But it's my mother who taught me to read and write, at home".

More to come (of course a huge thank you to Charva).

The new issue of Q magazine is out today (Green Day on the cover) with another Peter-interview. The title of the interview is "Who the hell does Pete Doherty think he is?". The preview says: "The Libertine and Babyshambler lets Q inside his lovely home for a full frontal encounter, a viewing of the delightful artworks on his walls and a tour round his collection of cigarette lighters, cat litter and Chas & Dave badges. Just don’t mention “tough love”."

Plus! Pitchfork reviews G/W.

Nothing yet about Wossy's show of last night, apart from a comment from The Ficek who twittered: "Ross was fun, Babs was ace".

Remember Peter is playing Birmingham's O2 Academy tonight, while Carl and Drew are instigating debates at the Boogaloo.

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