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The NME radio interview

You can download it here (thanks to Half Cocked Girl for the tip)
It's a long and emotional interview and Peter seems to speak straight from his heart. The past is past, but the present looks bright and the future even brighter.
Topics addressed were:
Michael Jackson and his blouses
His 30th birthday
"Pete" and "Peter"
The gay kiss in the video
His relationship with Carl Barat
Marianne Faithfull
Celebrity traps
Oscar Wilde (and jail)
Wrong perception of his personality
More celebrity traps
A little death around the eyes
The upcoming tour
Growing up
Watchmen (the movie)
Future plans
More Carl
Libertines reunion

The NME has also an article on The Road To Albion (the Libertines film) with some footage we already saw. But, enjoy!

Finally, a few G/W reviews:
The Times


Anthony said...

Do you have a transcript of it ? It's hard to undersrtand for french guys like me !

Tessa said...

Very partial transcript here:

Maybe more later on...

whatkatiedid said...

I really love your blog!
the nme interview was so touching, especially the final part, but it would be great if you could transcript it :)
thanks for the news you gave us every day!

sorry for my english

Stoeps said...
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Stoeps said...

I've done a bit (it's the beginning, till they start playing LOTER), since i was very bored and had nothing to do ^^ You can find it here:
Any help with correcting errors and filling gaps is much appreciated =D