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Newcastle and more

My fellow blogger David went to see Peter playing at the Newcastle Academy last night and took some beautiful photos (see his blog). No Lee Mavers but Graham, Drew, Adam (a bit sick, the thingy), Dot (sick too) and Stephen Street were all there. Kieran Leonard opened.
Jude tells us about the night: "Was a cracking night in there early and hung round back for a bit to hear pete and dot sound checking. then straight queuing for ages: but got to the front row! Kieran Leonard was up first. Played about four songs. Very sombre but I liked his voice alot. Sounded like Kurt Cobains at times. Received fairly well but small audience. Then Dot came on and did a few - but she had a sore throat - was good though. Then Adam came on and I could tell he was pissed off straight away with all the Peter chanting going on. Crowd were pretty disrespectful, talking through etc and it showed. He asked for requests - no one did - so i shouted out horses... but he didn't hear me. shame. he played entroubled and sparkling boots... too tired to remember specifics tbh. Tried to encourage him by shouting positive noises between songs but was probably lost under crowd natter... either that or he thinks i'm mad. lol. Drew up next, opened with a class Manu Chao cover (song name escapes me)...Band were on top form and played (almost) if not all of Grace/Wastelands plus Albion. Peter then dedicated Time for Heroes and Fuck Forever to Dan Squires (the local lad who Pete knew) and asked ppl to donate. Crowd was too heavy and gig nearly got scrapped cos people were passing out/being crushed and having to be lifted out".
In the meantime the press is reporting something new about Peter that I'm pretty doubtful about. It comes from the Sun and reminds me a bit of the "musical" Peter had to write with Carl Barat last year:
"Singer Pete Doherty has reportedly met with BBC bosses in relation to penning a pilot for a drama series. According to The Sun, a source said: "Pete was meeting creative chiefs. They've commissioned him to write a Skins-style show on the dark side of the music industry. They want a pilot episode written in the next six weeks which will become a series, if he can come up with the goods."
Take this piece of news as you want, you know I never believe anything, particualrly when it deals with telly (and telly stars) but it wouldn't be too bad if it was true, innit.
And finally, Peter is playing Edinburgh tonight but don't forget he's on Jonathan Ross too!

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Anjali said...

Manu Chao song must have been "Lagrimas de oro" (that's the one he did in Paris anyway)