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Saturday afternoon tips

Photo by Oblivious2007

Review of last night's gig in Folkeston here.
Another one here.
Setlist by McFearless: what a waster - new love grows on trees - arcady - killamangiro - for lovers - palace of bone (with hello at the end) - last of the english roses - unstookie titled (with mik) - fuck forever (with mik) - back from the dead (with mik) - i wish (mik solo) - baddie's boogie (with mik) - music when the lights go out - tell the king - delaney - death on the stairs - needles & pins - salome - what katie did - never never - lady don't you fall backwards - love reign o'er me - ballad of grimaldi (instrumental) - dont look back into the sun - time for heroes - wolfman (with wolfman) - can't stand me now - albion.
Beautiful photos by Oblivious2007.
Clip of the London Tonight interview.
Article on the interview at

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ItMustBeKate said...

I'm getting excited for Birmingham now, very excited. Thanks, your blog is great.

He better do Never Never when I see him. That setlist is blatantly missing The Blinding...