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Bataclan, Paris, 9/3/09

Photo by Le Hiboo

Many positive comments on Peter's first show in Paris last night (tonight there's a repeat, plus the bus thing).
"A mental gig" Tenia says "with sometimes 9 people on stage: a trio of strings, Adam, Graham Coxon, Drew, a melodica player, a keyboard player (Stephen Street?) and Pete. With Dot Allison and Jack Robinson. 2 pre-show gigs: adam solo; alan wass + another guy. Then Pete & Co with a "classic setlist" (id est: like the other solo shows). Alan Wass went on stage not ONE but TWO times! Completly pissed and screaming on the mic! Then he was pushed in the audience by the security! And at the very end, Pete stagedived! Really funny!".
"This gig was truly magical" says Anjali "Broken Love Song was definite highlight, as well as Time For Heroes. If you've seen Graham Coxon play the solo to T4H then you can die. Peter was so together and played so well i could hardly believe it was him. Must have been an impostor. I've got so many images now in my head, it's hard to make sense. Drew being his usual adorable self and doing a little dance with his double bass, Adam giving it his all, Graham laughing at Peter's silliness, or pretending to kick him in the butt when he was taking too long preparing to start a song... there was such a great atmosphere, and the performance was immaculate".

Photos, setlist etc at RockerParis.
Beatiful photos also at Le Hiboo's page.

One last thing, the new NME is out and has the review of G/W. The rating is 7/10. For the rest we shall wait one more day!

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