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Adam gives hints on next Shambles

The usually shy little Adam has been talking a lot lately: on his Twitter page (sometimes he's really funny, I must say), on French Dog Writtles, and also to the press. According to his latest outburst, the next Shambles album will be ready soon:

"Pete Doherty's next record will sound like The Stone Roses. The troubled rocker has been rehearsing with his group, Babyshambles, and their new songs reportedly sound like the late 80s British indie legends. Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek said: "We are working on a Babyshambles album. The songs we have done so far are pretty groove based, like early Stone Roses. It's less straightforward rock 'n' roll and punk. It's a bit more beat driven."
Although both Adam and Pete have recently released solo albums, the sticksman insists the group - who are scheduled to play a show in Spain on Friday (01.05.09) - will be ready to release their third album by next year. He added to Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "We carry on writing a few days a week then do the demos and probably go into the studio around November or December. As normal, we won't spend long making it. It's all thrown together in scraps whenever we can get the chance." Pete, 30, vowed in February to reunite his former group The Libertines next year, but insisted he still remains committed to Babyshambles. It was also recently reported that Babyshambles are to work with Lee Mavers - former frontman of The Las - as the backing band for his next record".

Adam's last message to FDW said: "Some old school shamblings coming up popsterz, the shambles ship is back on course, us 'other 3' have been knocking these songs into shape whilst the boss has been finishing his solo stuff. we're now back on the water. We've hatched a few plans, getting back to basics...keep yer eyes peeled for the next episode. from M.D.P and myself ...keep the faith...there's been a few walls to climb but we won't falter..".

He also added: "we looking for some interesting venues to me numbers and contacts please.can't promise but will give the list to the boys".

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