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Happy Workers Day!

A bit early? No, actually it's a bit late ha ha! Oh man. Let's have a look at some news:
Carlos is dj-ing tonight in Dubai at the Stereo Nokia event together with Charlatans (playing live) and record spinners Step On (Mark Evans and Matt Ross). Here's what Biggles says of the event:

What can we expect from your set tonight?
It will be exciting. Old, new and a bit of jiggery pokery. Whatever takes my fancy on the night basically.

What are your top five tunes at the moment?
I'll Be Satisfied by Jackie Wilson; The Beat That My Heart Skipped by Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip; Jerusalem by Kieran Leonard; Alone Again by Love; Too Young To Love by The Big Pink.

What else are you up to at the moment?
I'm writing for my solo album and for a film.

So you're getting into acting? You recently appeared in an episode of Svengali, didn't you?
That wasn't really acting as I played myself; although I would love to act one day when I can commit to doing it well. Svengali is going to make a fine film.

Do you only want to act in British productions or is Hollywood an option?
I don't mind as long as I like the part.

Is there a dream role?
I would love to have been in a British film written and directed by Shane Meadows called Dead Man Shoes but I missed the boat.

Earlier this month, Pete Doherty said you were offered "ridiculous" amounts of money to play at festivals like The Libertines this summer. Is this true?
I believe there was some truth in it, but I don't think it will happen this year.

Would you ever form another band not related to either The Libertines or Dirty Pretty Things?
It's not something I'm desperate to go back to and have grown somewhat jaded by band hierarchies; but never say never.

Who's your favourite of the two Step On DJs who share stage with you tonight?

Other scattered news:
  • Peter will play FIB Heineken in Benicassim (Spain) from 16 to 19 July (info here).
  • Matt Wilkinson tells us about the Camden Crawl jamming night.

Goodnight everyone!

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