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Big Mouth strikes again

Pete Doherty has said that he wants his current band Babyshambles to make a comeback album soon – to knock Oasis off their perch as Britain's biggest band. The singer/guitarist, who also has a solo career and is planning a Libertines reunion, told NME.COM that he had been impressed by the Manchester legends' latest album, 'Dig Out Your Soul', so had made a vow to better it with his own group. "With Oasis stepping up a gear and proving they've still got it, they need to be shown there are people out there who can surpass them," Doherty told NME.COM. He added: "Can we match them? The quality is good [in Oasis], but there really is no competition because my band is the greatest in the world and we're going to prove it." When asked when we should expect a new Babyshambles album, he said: "It's record company politics. Please, let it happen as soon as possible." See the new issue of NME, out now, for the full interview with Doherty.
Gosh Pizza. If Babyshambles weren't better than Oasis I'd be writing a blog about the rules of embroidery right now. Or Indian vegetarian cooking. Or kitesurfing.
Anyway we don't have the NME yet but there's a nice interview with Peter in this blog called La Bouche. Enjoy!


Sonyana said...

Nice to see he's in the Graham Coxon & co. camp, but if anyone's going to knock Oasis off their perch (what perch?), shouldn't it be the reunited Blur? Are Babyshambles a middle class band? Hasn't Noel Fielding said publically that he likes Pete Doherty (or at least, the Libertines)? And wasn't the Battle for Britpop over 10 years ago?

Loraine said...

oh so what now, Pete's taking the controversy title? hah i love him. xD