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Hot Hot Heat

So it's 23 May and feels like July. At least here. But after all who cares? Let's enjoy the heat. And the footie. Tomorrow Babyshambles will be busy with the Celebrity Soccer Six Tournament at Stamford Bridge. Babybear has promised us something special.

"Folks I shall be attempting (with a stress on the attempting bit) to write an 'as it happens' blog about the football tomorrow" he wrote to FDW "This is all dependent on battery life and the quality of my dongle. At the very least I'll try and update on here [FDW]. If you want to follow my attempt at my first 'as it happens' blog tune in here for my Arthur Montford style bon mots! I reckon it'll be a bit warm for a sheepskin but one never knows. bb".

When asked who's playing in the Shambles team Adrian replied:

"Peter Doherty, Andy Boyd, Kevin Hunter, Jai Stanley, Martin Compston, Neville Southall, Adam Ficek (tbc), a fellow called Steve, someone else and a geezer from Corrie I believe but it isn't finalised yet".

In the meantime, Adam has updated his blog as well with something interesting.

Stay tuned!

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