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Peter's Portuguese Sessions

Peter in Lisbon (photo by U2Acrobata)

Pete Doherty used his recent trip to Portugal for a solo gig to record a batch of new songs.Taking a break from performing in Porto last Friday (May 8), Doherty headed to Boom Studios in Gaia City, where he recorded a number of unreleased songs, according to Portuguese blog Diazepam 05.Among the tracks Doherty laid down during the session was 'The Ballad Of Grimaldi', which was written during the early days of The Libertines.It is currently unclear when or how the tracks will be released.

According to Adrian, "the recording will not be posted [anywhere] as we have other plans for it. I am sure you'll get to hear it soon". Patience!


Sonyana said...

Ballad of Grimaldi - I really really really want a version where they both sing.

Tessa said...

Seconded. And thirded on behalf of my friend here. And fourthed on behalf of my mother.