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What made last night so special?

No, it wasn't the "reunion". We've seen that before and we've sorta become immune. OK, there was Gary this time but John wasn't, so the full Libertines reunion is once again postponed. But maybe it was...

1. the venue. The natural environment for the boys. Not a posh theatre. Not a ragged fashion show. Simply the Rhythm Factory, the place that saw them grow up. Could you ask for more?

2. the tribute to Johnny Rhythm. I don't think many Libertines buffs have known this guy in person, but of course he was special to Peter, Carl and Gary, and also to Babyshambles. And people look much more involved when emotions fly high.

3. the buzz. It's unbelievable how funny it gets when the buzz is all around. Nobody says anything ever, people pretend they don't know anything. "You here too tonight?" "Yeah of course it's been a while since I've seen Pizza". Nobody mentions Carlos Barat. And if they do it's only to shrug "Oh yeah he's doing a solo record ain't he?" "Yeah I think I've read about it...", and in the same time the back of your brain is elaborating something like "please let Carl be entering the backstage door right now".

But to me the main thing was that last night the guys have finally achieved something they've been trying to since they first got together years ago. The DREAM. A bunch of friends playing together, and swapping instruments and spots as if that was the most natural thing in the world. The songs melting into each other. Drew and Carl. Peter and Pat. Adam, Mik and Gary. They were melting into each other too. And most of all, they were all playing awesome music. Could that be the start of something? Only time will tell. For the moment, thanks to Johnny Rhythm, thanks to Babyshambles, and to Gary, Carl and Pat. And of course thanks to Peter for his great courage and his unbeatable genius, as usual.

Setlist :
Babyshambles :
1. I Wish
2. Killamangiro
3. Delivery
4. UnStookietitled
5. Back From The Dead
6. Baddie's Boogie
7. Albion
Libertines :
8. What a Waster
9. Up The Bracket
10. What Katy Did
11. Can't Stand Me Now
12. Time For Heroes
13. Death on the stairs
Babyshambles :
14. Pipedown
15. Fuck Forever


Vally said...

bellissima recensione...
mi sono commossa!

ppp said...

god! i really really love (and agree) what you said here!
and i know sometimes a dream is not only a dream...

Sjanu said...

This sure made my day.

Sonyana said...

I agree with everything you said, except that Gary, as the engine of the band's success, should be THE FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANT THING ON THIS LIST!

And Drew finally got to play onstage with *both* his heroes, awwww.

Tessa said...

They also played "Death on the Stairs," didn't they?

EZ said...

Sure they did. Silly me.