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Win tickets to see Peter at the Rhythm Factory

From My Chemical Toilet:
Pete - sorry, Peter - Doherty is playing a couple of gigs at east London’s Rhythm Factory this weekend.
Friday’s show is a charity bash to commemorate London promoter Johnny ‘Rhythm’ Sedassi, who died earlier this year. That one sold out quick smart, but Doherty is playing another show the following night, known in the biz as “Saturday 16th May”. Tickets are available from
Ticketweb, but My Chemical Toilet has a pair to give away to one lucky blighter.
Pete”r” Doherty shows tend to be unpredictable, guest-festooned affairs, so who knows who may end up joining the larrikin onstage. Graham Coxon, who played on his
recent well-received album Grace/Wastelands? Carl Barat? The Gin Blossoms? It is just impossible to tell with Pete”r”.
It is also impossible to tell what time he will show up, and at this point I should probably point out that My Chemical Toilet PROVIDES NO GUARANTEE AS TO THE QUALITY OF PETE”R”‘S PERFORMANCE.
With that proviso taken care of, on with the comp.
To have a chance of winning, do the followings:
1. Answer this question: Pete”r” and his pal Amy Winehouse once appeared in a rather odd video in which they talked to some baby rodents. What kind of rodents were they?
2. Email your answer to along with your full name, using the subject line “It feels weird calling him Peter”.
3. Pray to your chosen deity.
The winner will have two spots on the guest list at The Rhythm Factory on Saturday night. The show is set to run until 4am, so make sure you’re allowed out late and that. As it’s in a boozy venue, entrants need to be 18+.
You have until the stroke of midnight on Thursday 14th May to enter. One entry per person. UK entrants only, sozzyplops

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Tessa said...

That is taking the R thing to a whole new level...