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Footie stuff

What happened at the Soccer Six Tournament this afternoon is not too clear. Peter couldn't make it (apparently he was "at Loftus Road in the middle of the pitch on his own". Loftus Road is the home of his beloved QPR) and The General took his place.

Adam wrote: "I went, loads of me pals and family got stung a score, (was for charity I suppose) done some colouring in, Peter not there, Drew came, Drew went, Carl came, don't think he played. Lots of blonde girls and skinscelebrityislandtvhorrors there, my green felt tip ran out so I came home and ate a knickblockerglory. Adamo".

Meanwhile, the first Barat-solo world tour is slowly taking shape. Carlos will also play outside UK, namely in Rome, on June 21st. Apparently Anthony Rossomando will play with him (source).

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