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Round up

Let's do a round up of the latest events.

  • Hordes of articles are out today about Friday night's show. Everybody wants to know what happened "after". Alison LMHR let it slip that Peter and Carlos stayed together until early in the morning. People who saw Peter at The Great Escape and at the late night gig of Saturday said he was in ecstatic mood. Anyway, the greatest report comes from Jamie Fullerton at Here you can see the whole set (bar Death on the Stairs).
  • Thanks to Elise for penning this review of the second night at the Rhythm Factory: "After a seemingly endless array of support acts, including Alan Wass and The General, it was announced that Peter was about half an hour away from the venue. The DJ entertained the crowd with some The Kinks and The Clash, I tried to keep my head above the ridiculously high barrier at the front, and avoided the drunken banter of the guys next to me. Peter came onstage at around quarter past two and, though looking a bit tired, he was on great form, starting off with Last of the English Roses, and then opting for a few Libertines oldies, including All at sea, Love reign o’er me, The good old days, Music when the lights go out, Smashing, What a Waster, Never Never, Lady don’t fall backwards, Can’t stand me now, The Delaney and The whole world is our playground. Peter also played Blue Moon, For Lovers, Arcady and Lost art of Murder. Fags and letters were thrown on stage, all good-naturedly, and a few shout-outs asked: ‘Where is Carl?’, to which Peter replied, grinning, that he didn’t know. Mick then joined Peter for Sedative, I love you but you’re green, There she goes, Beg, Steal and Borrow, Baddie’s Boogie, Mockingbird and finished with The Beatles’ Across the Universe. There was a lot of fiddling with guitar in between songs and at a few points, Peter seated himself behind the drumkit. The gig finished at around ten to four, I hopped on the 25 to Mile End with bruises and weird dust on my shoes, having not completely forgiven myself for buying a Saturday instead of a Friday RF ticket, but happy nonetheless".
  • A few hours before the "reunion" took place, Carl called Peter to see "if he wants me to play a few tunes at his gig tonight". That's what The Mighty Carlos said in this interview with The Sunday Mail.
  • I'm glad Carlos he's getting a new "touring band" together. I hope that he'll choose people with guts, and willing to experiment.
  • No gigs this week. At least, not officially. But keep your eyes open, you never know...
  • And don't forget next Sunday (24th) Babyshambles and Friends are showing their footie skills at Chelsea Stamford Bridge!


Tessa said...

"Alison LMHR let it slip that Peter and Carlos stayed together until early in the morning."


(That said, wasn't it already "early in the morning" when they got onstage in the first place?)

EZ said...

Actually they went to 126 and played pool at least until 7 am.

Tessa said...

Heartwarming stuff - thanks for the tip. :)