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Carl and Drew to lead protest


After days of speculation and intensive planning, central London is bracing itself for 48 hours of protests and chaos as thousands of demonstrators from a plethora of different causes descend upon the city for the start of the G20 meeting of world leaders.
Anti-capitalists, social justice groups, environmental activists, anarchists and anti-war protesters have all vowed to hold a series of demonstrations across London as 20 of the world's most powerful leaders meet to try to find a way out of the global economic crisis.
Some will dress as clowns, others will wear masks, some will even be carrying their own environmentally friendly compost lavatories. But all are intent on bringing chaos to London.
And guess who will be at the head of the protest. Yes, our very special politically-minded twosome, Carlos and Drusillo. Dressed up with trademark kafia scarves, parkas and combat boots, the two musicians will lead protesters across the West End and the City, where they’re supposed to stop in front of the Bank of England around noon. An impromptu gig is announced there, with Carl and Drew joined by some very special guests and expected to deliver all their major hits, i.e. Can’t Stand Them Now, Time to Fuck the Heroes, We Won’t Get Along and What Became of the Commie Lads. At the end of the gig, Stan & Didz will jump on the stage and start spinning records for all. Don’t miss it!


Tessa said...

I must say, your Apr 1 posts tend to have this worrisome air of reality... :P

Arika said...

They're OK, right? I saw some pictures from the protest and seemed pretty intense.