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The Camden Crawlers

Great stuff last night! Lots of cool bands and booze and laughs. Awesome show from Kasabian but I was busy waiting someone from the Libertines camp to turn up. And they did, though very late! Rumors had been rife through all the evening, with people twittering they had seen Peter, or Drew or Carlos. Well, first of all, somebody must have had visions because Peter wasn't there at all. Someone said he'd played on Friday night but this needs to be confirmed as well (apparently he's in Belgium). I saw Carlos and Drew instead, and there were also Adamski (but couldn't catch his set) and Anthony Rossy, looking hot as ever.
The first review comes from
Carl Barat, members of Babyshambles and The La's frontman Lee Mavers were all involved in a one-off, secret gig at London's Camden Crawl this morning (April 26).Playing the Camden Crawl after party at the Dingwalls venue, the band called themselves the 'Mongrel Soundclash' – named after Jon 'The Reverend' McClure's side project. Other musicians involved in the show included McClure, Lowkey and Dirty Pretty Things' Anthony Rossomando. Taking to the stage at a little past 2am (GMT), the assorted musicians played to a small crowd of lucky fans who had heard rumours of a collaboration featuring Barat, Babyshambles and Mavers. After playing a couple of his own songs from his side project Helsinki, Babyshambles bassist Drew McConnell introduced former Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things duo Barat and Rossomondo onstage. The trio, backed by a drummer, then launched into versions of The Libertines' classics 'Time For Heroes' (which they had to restart duo to timing issues) and 'What A Waster', with McConnell singing backing vocals while Barat took on the lead. At the end of 'What A Waster', Barat and McConnell hugged, and Barat left the stage thanking the audience for waiting so long to watch the performance. Following more songs performed by Rossomando, McConnell, Lowkey and new singer Antoine, Mavers appeared at the side of the stage. After he was introduced by McConnell, the fabled La's singer jumped up onstage, picked up an electric guitar and began playing the opening chords to 'Son Of A Gun', backed by McConnell, McClure and an unnamed drummer, and watched from the side of the stage by Barat. Although he initially didn't seem too pleased about the tuning and ramshackle nature of the performance, after finishing the song Mavers launched straight into La's favourite 'Feelin''. However, the makeshift band's drummer – who had never heard 'Feelin'' before, according to an apologetic McConnell – made the tempo of the song too slow, much to Mavers' chagrin. After being told mid-song to speed the drums up, the drummer duly doubled his speed, forcing a wry smile across his singer's face. By the song's end, Mavers was clearly enjoying himself, cheering the crowd as he left the stage.Earlier in the day, Mavers had joined McConnell in the Hawley Arms for a five-song set, taking in two Helsinki songs ('Bitpart', 'Lagrimas De Oro'), two La's songs ('There She Goes', Son Of A Gun') and a Chuck Berry cover ('Roll Over Beethoven'). After The Holloways' Alfie Jackson had brought the soundclash set at Dingwalls to a close, McClure took his acoustic guitar to the streets of Camden. Despite one of the strings being broken, the singer managed to serenade two passing tourists with a cover of The Beatles' 'Revolution', which he played to them while waiting for a slice of pizza to be cooked by a takeaway vendor on Camden High Street. Since appearing onstage with Pete Doherty during his recent solo tour, Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek revealed that the band are considering working with Mavers on new material.

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