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Grimsby etc

Report of last night's gig by Cottonowool Monkey:
"All came to a bit of an anticlimax tonight. It started off brilliantly: Peter came on only a little bit late, looking very dapper in full suit and hat, chatting with the crowd, playing with lyrics and passing drinks out, he even threw his hat into the crowd at one point (although he did have an alternative on standby) but he was taking a lot of hits from pints and coins, one of which hit him full in the throat when he came forward to talk to the crowd, and it looked like it was beginning to piss him off. At about 10/10.15 ish someone came on stage from the side and said something to him, at which point we got a couple more songs, he declared Grimsby was a shithole, and then he left the stage and the lights came on immediately, so no encore. He played really well though, just him on his own today (except when Jon Robinson came on for I Am The Rain), including a particularly entertaining rendition of Albion where he gave up on naming towns near Grimsby and just repeated Grimsby for every place name. Setlist as far as I can remember it (in no particular order): What a Waster - Tell the King - Beg, Steal or Borrow - Up The Bracket - Arcady - Smashing - For Lovers - Killamangiro - Lady Don’t Fall Backwards - Last of the English Roses - Unbilotitled - I am The Rain - Albion - Music When the Lights Go Out - Lost Art of Murder - Time For Heroes - Cant Stand Me Now - Fuck Forever. It's a shame the crowd was full of a load of absolute twats, it was quite a small crowd but they were throwing stuff pretty much constantly, despite Peter's protestations. And there was a group of lads in the centre who felt it necessary to turn to Cheryl (who was in the viewing gallery) at the end and chant "show us yer tits" repeatedly. That particular group then proceeded to stagger out yelling about how they only sing when they're fishing, and other such stereotypical stuff before disappearing into the night. Probably to molest some fish".
Preview of tonight's gig by The Daily Record:
Pete Doherty is playing a last-minute solo show in Scotland tonight.
Singer Pete chose tiny venue Capitol in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow to perform his solo acoustic gig in the style of one of his 'guerrilla gigs' of old.
The show begins at 7.30pm with support from Greenock girl Kristina Cox.
Pete told the Razz: "Coming to Glasgow is always exciting and no trip is complete without a bit of fun on the west coast.
"There's not an audience in the world like it. Doing an up-close gig like this is great as it's good to see the whites of their eyes." Entry on the door is £15. Fans are advised to get there early..
According to Adam, work on the new Babyshambles album will start next month. Check his blog for some other interesting facts.

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