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Proud is the place to be

Peter will play at Proud Galleries on 22 April:

Off the back of his tremendous success and tour Peter has decided to play an exclusive and intimate gig in his favourite part of London, Camden. Get your Pete Doherty and Guests tickets delivered instantly now
Date . 22 April 2009
Time . 19:30:00 hrs - 01:00:00 hrs
£22.00 Per person

Tickets here (limited availability!).

Last night Proud Galleries also saw the launch of the new Younger Than Yesterday clubnight, held by ex DPT Didz and Anthony. In an attempt to give a hand to his former bandmates Carlos Barat experienced some kind of ubiquity, and after attending Kieran Leonard's gig at the Gaslight he went to Proud and also played some DPT numbers with the others, namely Deadwood, Gin & Milk, BURMA and Bang Bang. Gary Powell also showed up.

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Cleo said...

Got it!!! Thanks for the news...too much time without see him.....