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Glasgow madness

  • From The Daily Record: PETE Doherty got the crowd worked up into such a frenzy at his gig last night that organisers had to stop it twice to avoid a crush. The Babyshambles singer was performing a last minute, acoustic concert for just 250 of his fans at Glasgow's Capitol venue.
    Despite the stoppages, spirits were high and the mood was friendly and fans were happy to do as they were told when told to move back. Doherty performed several Libertines and Babyshambles tunes and by the time he sang Don't Look Back Into The Sun, the audience were chanting along.
"If Scotland ever wondered what a guerilla gig felt like" Therocknrollstar says "they sure know now".
"I thought it was a great, great night" says No Judy Garland "but then I somehow ended up in front of the barrier in the stage area for most of it. From that view, what was happened looked extreme; security and Babybear himself lying on the ground with their feet against the barrier to keep it from collapsing. Surely oversold (250 people in there, one of the security said, but seemed more), and the 'barrier' was like something my granny used to put up in front of the fire".
Setlist by Lucy Lu and Littlesusie:
Killamangiro - for lovers - cant stand me now - love you but you're green - what katy did - tell the king - you're my waterloo - death on the stairs - time for heroes - music when the lights go out - last of the english roses - up the bracket - Don't Look Back Into The Sun - Lost My Phone in Paradise - Fuck forever

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