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Anthony on Carl's solo adventure

The now solo Carl Barat, previous Dirty Pretty Things frontman, has been given the backing of a former bandmate. Dirty Pretty Things guitarist, Anthony Rossomando, told 6 Music Barat has a lot to offer: “Carl’s a gifted artist, an entity that people here should be proud that has come out of the soil.”

Since the announcement of Dirty Pretty Things split in October 2008, Barat has already joined the live scene as a solo act and it was confirmed this week that he is working on a solo album. Barat supported Glasvegas on a series of US dates and played two solo shows in Wakefield last month. “Good art moves people,” Rossomando explained. “Carl’s got a lot of integrity and he’s got something to say. It’s colourful people like that that makes the world a more vibrant and beautiful place to enjoy, so it’s awesome.”
The Dirty Pretty Things made two albums, Waterloo To Anywhere, in 2006 and its follow-up, Romance At Short Notice, last year. After second-album pressure was placed on the band, Rossomando admitted Barat needed time to do things on his own terms.

“He was never the, ‘hey’ showman kind of guy,” said the musician. “He is his own guy and he’ll make his own record in his own time. “I’m sure he’ll work with some different people. Knowing him, it will all have to happen very organically and not be a pressured thing.” And, according to Rossomando, Barat’s in no hurry. “Hopefully Carl will have a solo record out next year, but I don’t think he’s rushing anything at all,” he said.

Rossomando once temporarily replaced Pete Doherty in The Libertines back in 2004, as second guitarist, when the Babyshambles singer was arrested. 6 Music asked him if he thinks Doherty and Barat will reunite for the megabucks deal, they have been offered. “I bet it will happen but I don’t think it will be anytime soon,” Rossomando responded. At several points, Doherty has said he’s up for getting back together with Carl Barat - with whom he made Up The Bracket and The Libertines - but revealed Barat still needs some persuasion.

Getting rather philosophical, Rossomando said: “People’s lives change, they find a new reality for themselves and that old reality doesn’t exist for them. “On the inside their lives have changed and they’ve moved on to different things, and are surrounded by different people.”

Adding: “Who knows? Like five years, two years. I know they’re not scamping around and talking about it, it’s not a big deal to them anyway.”

Georgie Rogers

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