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Saturday news

  • Last night Babyshambles played at Garorock Festival in Marmande (France). Adam twittered: "well, we made it....a funny old show, my drums fell apart on pipe down..a few forgotten tings but we made it..knackered,sleep. then Spain. x"
  • As every year, Babyshambles will play at the Celebrity Soccer Six Tournament at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge on May 24. The View are announced too.
  • Drew and Mongrel (currently on tour in France) are supposed to be in Venezuela from 12 to 17 April, guests of President Hugo Chavez, to record their second album. Some gigs are expected too. Carl Barat is thought to join them.
  • Carl is also (vaguely) supposed to make an appearance at the Gaslight tomorrow night (Sunday).
  • And he's also "acting" in a Svengali episode coming soon (on youtube).
  • More from Twitter! Anthony Thornton writes: "Paul DuFour has put 6 amazing pre-2001 Libs posters online for first time. They can be bought in limited numbers here".
  • "The Libertines will be back" Peter said a few weeks ago. But how do you feel about it? Join the debate here!

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