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Setlist from last night's gig: Death on the stairs, Hooray for the 21st century, Back from the dead, Don´t look back into the sun, Can´t stand me now, You´re my Waterloo, Love rain over me, At the flophouse, What a waster, Ha ha wall.
Photos by Derryberry.
It seems that the 8mm "film" was only a montage of Pete' s paintings.
Message from Adam: "There's been some confusion. Although the 'entroubled' single is out Sep 8th (7" and download) it's still available free from the usual PO Box address, see the blog on, if you're oversees then either get admin on here to sort it or go to and you'll have to pay you're postage inthe fanclub area. I know it seems odd that it's being released commercially online/7 and for free by PO BOX but! - it's an odd world we live in. On a shambles tip, all is looking good (touch wood) for the Holland festival, a possibilty of a UK later in the year, will keep yous all in the loop. Shambles and Peter wise I don't think they'll be any releases this year. So you can all save up for christmas presents. Remember to get your five a day".
On DPT planet: Carl & co played at the Rock en Seine Festival in Paris last night. "La nuit tombe sur Carl Barât et ses Dirty Pretty Things" says "mais rien ne se passe sur scène : ça déroule, ça déroule... Des chansons interchangeables, plutôt efficaces mais sans relief, qui font une fois de plus regretter la split des explosifs Libertines. Les groupies de 15 ans, elles, semblent apprécier le placebo".
Our friend Anjali (not a 15 year old groupie) took some beautiful photos.
And Carlos and Anthony gave another one of their auto-piloted interviews to Reuters (here).

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