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Sziget Festival and other stories

Photo by Veronika Moore

Peter and Babyshambles played at the Sziget Festival in Hungary last night. After letting down hundreds of people with his missed appearance at the Frequency Festival on Saturday night, Peter made up for that with a stunning performance. We have beautiful photos here. The site of the festival gave a review of the gig:
"The great thing about pop is that a certain performance allows different interpretations. What’s even more beautiful is that pop cannot be interpreted like the left and right side of an equation. In pop, 2 and 2 is sometimes 5, or, if you like, ’the owls are not what they look like.’ We could easily call the concert of Babyshambles nothing but lame clatter dissected by a few tighter moments, but we shouldn’t do so. We could also think that Pete Doherty is nothing but an indie tabloid hero, if it weren’t clear that there’s a lot more to it. Doherty is an inspired songwriter, Babyshambles make good songs, on the stage, although in a very special way, there is presence, the members are all a different destiny, the stage existence of the frontman looking like a scary scarecrow is the here-and-now; anything could happen, constant tension, fascinating decay – no boring festival etiquette, no ’Hello Budapest, no hello Hungary.’ It was rock & roll reality theater with memorable songs: Fuck Forever, Delivery, Down In Albion, etc, and who cares that we didn’t hear the A-students of the Royal Academy of Music on the Main Stage".

This festival weekend is over both for Shambles and DPT. Next weekend Reading and Leeds are already upon us and it's time for easyjetting once again to Albion. Yeah, holidays might be over but something huge is waiting for us. Let me remind you dates and times:

READING FESTIVAL (Richfield Avenue, Reading)

BABYSHAMBLES: Friday 22 August - NME stage (22.30-23.30)

DIRTY PRETTY THINGS: Saturday 23 August - Main stage (15.40 - 16.25)

LEEDS FESTIVAL (Braham Park, Leeds)

BABYSHAMBLES: Saturday 23 August - NME stage (22.00 - 23.00)

DIRTY PRETTY THINGS: Sunday 24 August - Main stage (15.30 - 17.15)

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