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C'est la rentrée!

Great, the Olympics are over, Reading is over and summer is not over yet. Time to get back to work. Sigh.

Don't know about Leeds but Reading was ace this year. Lots of stunning new bands and Rage back to life plus Metallica bringing up the kid that's inside all of us (people snogging during Nothing Else Matters! When we all used to hate Lars a few years back cause he made Napster shut down!). And the Raconteurs, and that fantastic hunk that's Josh Homme! And Brandon Flowers de-tached! And Johnny Marr, Johnny Marr!!! Man, I could have died on the spot.

But of course we're here to talk about the Libs. I think everybody (that is, everybody in UK) saw the Shambles gig on TV on Friday night. The gig can still be seen here but of course it's once again for UK residents only. Thank God some kind soul uploaded many clips on You Tube. The Times talks about "a lacklustre performance". It didn't exactly look like that to me. Of course Babyshambles don't give their best in a festival environment, but I found their gig quite enjoyable anyway. Peter joked a lot about the "whirlpool effect" (I guess this will have to be the shambles punchline for the next six months or so) and he was looking really great. Mik, on the contrary, was a bit too stiff for my liking (helloooo, Mikster? Are you the-ere?). Setlist: 'Carry On Up The Morning', 'Delivery', 'Beg, Steal Or Borrow', 'Baddie's Boogie', 'Side Of The Road', 'Unstookietitled', 'Killamangiro', 'Sedative', 'Pipedown', 'I Wish', 'The Blinding', 'Albion', 'Fuck Forever'.

Dirty Pretty Things played in the afternoon as usual, but on the main stage. People were coming and going during their set which was rather unnerving ("How many noodles? 3? 4? Chicken noodles? Veggie? What? I can't hear you, there's a fucking band playing loud here"), but the pit was cool. Once again, the video of their gig is here but only for Brits. I was rather excited when I heard them covering Nirvana's "In Bloom" but now I reckon it was not a brilliant idea; the NME nearly jumped down their throat for doing so, saying they "murdered" the song. It wasn't exactly so, but Carlos should learn to leave some things where they are. Too many people who witnessed Nirvana's gig at Reading in 1992 are still relatively young and many of them still see Kurt as the hero of their adolescence and don't like to see him "revisited" by anyone. Having said that, the rest of the set went on rather smoothly.
Carl entertained fans in the signing tent afterwards (small clip here). What did he say, he got a lot of invites at dinner? Jesus, somebody feed the poor sod. He's forced to wear braces to prevent his jeans from falling down (not that people would be too sorry if that happened). Kidding. Keep staying in shape, Biggles. Setlist: 'Holly Go Lightly', "Buzzards & Crows', 'Doctors & Dealers', 'Hippy's Son', 'Chinese Dogs', 'Gentry Cove', 'Blood Thirsty Bastards', 'Fault Lines', 'Gin And Milk', 'In Bloom', 'Deadwood', 'Truth Begins', 'Plastic Hearts', 'Bang Bang You're Dead', 'You Fucking Love It'.
As usual, the gigs of the week!
Babyshambles: Festival de Beschaving, Utrecht, The Netherlands - Saturday 30 August, 20.30-21.30 (CET) - Rabobank Stage.
DPT: Rock en Seine, Domain National de Saint Cloud, Paris - Thursday 28 August, 19.10 (CET), Scene de la Cascade.

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