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Two more from Reading and Leeds

Ahem... that's a Tuborg innit

Did you get shot with Carl and the boys at the signing tent? Find it out yourself here!

Plus! Tourdates reviews the Shambles gig:
Babyshambles were given the draw nobody wanted – the slot that ran parallel with Rage Against The Machine. During the lead up to the festival, bassist Drew McConnell urged fans to see Rage instead of his own band, such was the attraction of the LA headliners. However, like a true professional, McConnell got on with his job and contributed to a showing that raised the roof off the NME tent. Pete Doherty and his mob were bang on form and bombarded through a thirteen song set.Though breaking the law by smoking throughout the performance, Doherty seemed focused and determined demonstrate his talents. Opening with ‘Carry on up the Morning’ from latest album ‘Shotter’s Nation’, they relied heavily on Babyshambles material, shunning tracks from Doherty’s previous band The Libertines. ‘Delivery’, ‘Baddie’s Boogie’ and ‘Killamangiro’ had the bumper crowd bouncing along, inspiring crowd surfers, violent mosh-pits and huge sing along moments. Doherty dedicated ‘Albion’ to Daniel Squires, a 16-year-old he played at the wake of after his death from bone marrow cancer. Then, ‘Unstookietitled’ was devoted to black civil rights pioneer Marcus Garvey. Despite being given the most unenviable set of the weekend, Babyshambles didn’t disappoint. It would be difficult to imagine anyone regretting not seeing Rage, however good they were. Babyshambles were fantastic and for many at this festival, Doherty still rules the roost.

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