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The Albion ship is sailing again... not!!!

Forget boats and ships, Peter, at least for now!
Yeah, funny stories in the net today, and of course most headlines were dedicated to the sinking incident. It was Adrian who spoke to the press this time, also because his brother was the hero of the day!
Pete Doherty had to be rescued from a sinking rowing boat at Loch Lomond Festival on Saturday (August 2). The Babyshambles man and five mates set sail for the VIP area after the band's set, hiring a boat from a local "Para Handy-like figure" on the Loch, according to the Daily Record. However, the boat capsized 30 yards from the shore, leaving the "shivering" singer to sing sea shanties to his pals as they awaited rescue. "It was freezing and we had a laugh, but it wouldn't be funny if someone had died," Babyshambles manager Adrian Hunter told the newspaper "Halfway to the shore we lost an oar so the boat was drifting, but we didn't really mind. Then we realised it had sprung a leak and water was coming in fast. It sank about three quarters of the way over and we all ended up in the water," he added. Pete and his crew were eventually rescued one-by-one by Adrian's brother Kevin. "He swam like Tarzan and saved us all," he said. Well done, Kevin!
The other funny story reported by redtops today is about Peter's trousers ripping during his performance at the Festival, nearly exposing his (naked. Who needs underwear?) delicious bum (no pics. We're trying to do a civilised article).
Anyway, back to seriousness, Peter's performance didn't go too well, at least according to our friend Judy Garland from FDW:
"This was an odd affair. He came on, saying that he was happily having a drink when he heard the crowd singing ‘I wish’ (“which is a song I can’t really play”). Then he played ‘I wish’ quite poorly and disjointedly. He struggled from there on, sweating profusely, repeatedly knocking his own hat off, stopping and starting at odd points, slowly pouring drinks (while trying not to bend down as he had a huge rip in his trousers between the legs and didn’t seem to be wearing any underwear). He played (in no particular order apart from the first three): I wish, Can’t Stand, Beg Steal, Ha Ha Wall, Good Old Days, There She Goes, Time for Heroes, Mockingbird, Albion, Fuck Forever (he spat after ‘New Labour’ and again after ‘Tory’; included a little narrative – delivered in a NY accent – about how someone from the New York Dolls told him ‘Fuck Forever’ was the best chat-up line ever), Psychokiller, few bars of Message to You Rudy before a rant about John Lydon (‘If you see him tomorrow and he turns out to be a racist, say hello from me’), first line of Flower of Scotland, I Fought the Law, Summertime (‘Carl Barat is rich and Alan McGee is not even good-looking’). [...] He finished by singing ‘Is it cruel or kind not to speak my mind or to fuck off now before I’m ht with any more water and shit’ (or something to that effect). The last 20 minutes or so were very disconnected. The music was, more or less, lost sight of. Pete encouraged the throwing of missiles (he caught sunglasses and what he thought was a piece of shit, ripping open his shirt and wiping his hands on his vest). He sang ‘just me and my guitar and a big bag of skag’ and then protested that he was clean, showing the crowd the insides of his arms (still covered by shirt and jacket). At times, funny, sad, cringe-worthy, endearing. Never found his stride. Never came anywhere near to what Pete Doherty can be. Odd affair".
We are still waiting anxiously for Greg's interview. Apparently Peter was impressed that Carl Barat said his fave song (written by Peter) was Killamangiro, and to the question "Which is your fave song written by Carl?" he replied "France and 9 Lives". Did you hear that Biggles? 9 Fucking Lives. Carl, Carl, for heaven's sake, Carlos.
OK, that's another story, innit.

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