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Peter in Liverpool and some other things

From Gigwise:

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty played a surprise solo show in Liverpool last night (August 8th). Doherty performed in front of a sold out crowd, many of whom had paid upwards of £25 each to see the singer, at the city's Studio venue.Dressed in a thick tan coloured trench coat and suit, Doherty rattled through a mixture of Babyshambles and Libertines hits during his acoustic set.His appearance in Liverpool conflicted with recent tabloid reports that claimed he had gone on a nomadic holiday around the British Isles in a camper van.

Adam Ant from FDW says: "well well well! pete was on good form but as usual a few things pissed me off, firstly the venue did not bank on the type of reaction peter would get, they had like 8 bouncers holding the gates at the front and pushing ppl back with force and a 'if anybody crowd surfs, crack em' - which isnt quite fair, however a few of them who did bloody deserved it! Too many knobs there just to heckle peter, and especially during YNWA but hey im sure he expected that! i for one loved it! I just felt a bit sorry for him because again it was only a handful of ppl who were there for him and his acoustic guitar, too many knobs, too many fan girls - but you know this is what we expect from a pete gig these days. It was by no means a polished run of the mill gig, he turned up with his guitar did a few songs and that was that, but he did still shine. I was going to die of boredom until he walks on and lights up the room, and he really did. Pete looked healthy and he was in good spirits and handled the rowdy crowd really well".
And now some other things:
Helsinki (Drew's brilliant side project) are playing at the Dingwalls for The Hawley Arms Tribute Fundraiser (remember, the Hawley Arms was the Camden Club that burned down last spring) on Thursday 14 August . The gig will be hosted by Noel Fielding and will also feature some special guests. Doors:7:00 pm, price:£5 Adv, age:18+, Room(s): Main Venue.
Dirty Pretty Things received cold reviews after their gig at the Oya Festival but looked in high spirits no matter what. They also gave a short but funny interview to VG-Net. After a babelfish check I can summarize the chat with these words:
  • Carl won't be reading Peter's book (allegedly) recounting his sex romps with Miss Moss
  • but he's bought Madonna's sex book for his sister
  • Anthony was eager to see My Bloody Valentine playing at the Fest
  • Anthony also said the guys are having a great time and are doing a lot of dirty pretty things.
That's what's really important guys. Keep having fun.


shamblebaby said...

how is pete's book called?
is it already in stores?

EZ said...

I doubt it'll ever see the light of the day. Anyway, even the NME talked about it: