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Peter in The Netherlands

Message from Babybear to netherlanders:
"Update. Adam, Drew and Mick + Boabie / Brucie supercombination are en route tomorrow. Peter is in your country already secreted in a hidden lodge bang up for the show. Hope you all have fun! Send Me A Postcard Darling(s)! (Prize to anyone who spots the hidden Dutch reference there). Keep it clean kids .... Keep it clean! bb
p.s. The Boabie and the Brucie are threatening to stay one more night so batten down the hatches and leave the city as fast as your sabots will carry you!"
We gotta stay united! That's why I'm advertising this new site about our very Billy Bilo: it's called Pete Doherty On Line and it's here (just one little criticism to the webmissus: colours are too light and reading is difficult. Could you try a darker blue? Thankitos).
Remember the interview our friend Greg did with Peter at Loch Lomond? It's up on French Dog Blues and it's a good read! Good job Greg!
Gorgeous b&w pictures of the Graz gig to be seen here.

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