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Greetings from Graz

Article in German with audio interview and slide show.

Another long article in German with nice piccies.

Beautiful pictures here.

According to people who were there the gig was almost worth the 80 euros of the ticket. "Well... I was there" said Derryberry on FDW "and it was - dare I say that - (one of) the most beautiful evening(s) ever! I´m not saying that it was worth 80€, but I´m nearly there. . he came on at, hmm, about 11 I guess and played (with some interruptions by Cal Roberts and Alan Wass) ´til 1:30".

Pete Doherty Solo
Doors Open: 21:00
Tickets: 23 €
Venue: NonStop Kino
Europaplatz 88020
Support: Alan Wass (UK) Cal Roberts (UK) Rudi Schuhmann & Wolfgang Leitner (A)
On decks: DJ Bright Night Light (Club NonStop)

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