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Dirty Pretty Things at Pukkelpop

I'm sorry I couldn't advise you earlier about the live podcast from Pukkelpop, I was at the beach and didn't know anything about it until I switched on my PC only 15 minutes before DPT started their set. Maybe someone else had to do that... but anyway, it was a very tight set, with Carl and Anthony sporting matching outfits, Didz sporting an end-of-60s Paul McCartney look and Gary sporting his muscles (and his bum, at the end). The new songs sounded so much better than on the record. Anthony was particularly on good form.
Setlist: Buzzards and crows, Wondering, Doctors and dealers. Hippy son, The enemy, Faultlines, Gin and milk, Bloodthitsty bastards, Chinese dogs, The gentry cove, Deadwood, You fucking love it, Plastic heart, Bang Bang you're dead.

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