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Adam on Shambles bio

Adam Ficek has told 6 Music news all about an upcoming novel each member of Babyshambles has contributed to. The drummer told us the book will be a different perspective from each member on past events and life in Babyshambles.

"I spent all of last night, that’s why I'm very tired, just trying to get the final interview with Peter done. Everyone else has been interviewed. So this is the final interview. We finished with Peter last night. Its good and it should be out in November."

He says the book will be a warts and all tale, full of memorable times for both the band and fans."I think this is full of good anecdotes. And Peter was giving an insight into, just things people would be interested in, you know there's obviously a bit of Kate Moss stuff in there, a bit about, for instance, why we missed the Oasis dates."
Adam says the book is being written by a good friend of his. He told 6 Music it has been a long and hard process, but they've been working hard to make sure they get everyone's side of the stories and events. But he did say that it isn't a page turner solely on Pete Doherty.

"There's a lot of stuff regarding him and Kate's relationship, there's a lot of stuff regarding his view on the no-shows, his view on drugs, his view on the arrests and persecution, relationships with band members. But the good thing about it is, it's not a Peter book. It’s a book from our perspective as well, about how it affects us."

Adam says the band are very much aware of all the stuff that is said about them in the press and that the book won't be shying away from all the bad things that people suspect have or haven't been going on.

"It's not as dark and gritty that it covers every negative aspect of the band. But it gives you an insight into the kind of, like, the euphoric highs and the depressing lows of the band. And I think that's what is important about this band. No matter what veneer we put on this outside it has really dark elements to it, real dark places where you think you're never gonna get out of and then suddenly you're touring arenas and its the most amazing thing in the world."

He was also talking to us also about his solo project, Roses, Kings, Castles which released a second single earlier this week. The album is out on September 22nd.

As yet, there's not a title for the book.

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