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The Smoking Section and something else

The Rolling Stone has a short article about Peter in which he hints at a possible U.S. future tour:

"The Smoking Section spoke with Pete Doherty just before his most recent drug relapse and return to rehab. At that time, however, the Babyshambles leader was proudly clean and sober: “I’m still a bit wobbly,” Pete Doherty tells the Smoking Section. “Like a newborn horse. But I’m getting there.” Two weeks out of rehab — where he addressed his well-documented addictions to crack and heroin — the Babyshambles frontman is holed up in a quaint cottage in Marlborough, England, with his bandmate and sober-buddy, guitarist Mick Whitnall. Though Babyshambles’ new album, Shotter's Nation, is a fantastic work, recorded in the haze of the past two years, Doherty attests that “we’ve been more creative since we’ve been clean.” In addition to constant guitar picking, the two have been taking morning walks through the British countryside, where Doherty traded in his syringe for a fishing pole. “I caught two dogfish and three haddock,” Doherty says cheerfully. And even though Amy Winehouse spent a night with them, working on a new tune called “1939 Returning,” Doherty’s still on the wagon, gearing up for an arena tour in the U.K. “We’ve got to be on the ball for that,” he says. Then maybe America? “I’d come tomorrow if they’d let me in.”

Babyshambles have pulled out of the charity gig at Islington Union Chapel on November 20th. No explanation at all but it seems the Arena Tour will go ahead as planned.

Revenge of the Bilo! Carl is out of the NME Cool List but Peter enters at number 9.

On DPT front, Anthony "Stan" Rossomando has started an acting career participating to the first episode of the third series of The Mighty Boosh (the episode is entitled "Eels" and is aired on BBC3 on Thursday 15 November at 10.30 pm).

L.A. baratspotting: the mighty Carlos and the sensual Stan were spotted last night oustide The Troubadour club in Santa Monica together with Portland teenyboppers "The Hugs", whose gig they had just attended. Apparently Carl was chatting with the guys and then launched himself in a tip tap dance. All credits for this info go to Collie Tsunami and Dirty Pretty Things official forum's French star Anjali.

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